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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Aliens Created Humans - Full Movie/Documentary - History/Chanel Discover...

This documentary is taken from "BLOOD PRINTS OF THE GODS: The Human Bloodline of the Anunnaki".

The movie being shown here on YouTube is taken from the first chapter of Howard West' book: "BLOOD PRINTS of the GODS": DVD One of a three DVD series.
This first DVD is offered free with the purchase of the book. Email Howard West at with proof of the purchase of your book, "BLOOD PRINTS OF THE GODS" and a link will be emailed to you making this video (DVD) available for free download.

Get the book to learn about Anu and the Anunnaki, the Habiru Hebrews, Hyksos nation, alien Neanderthal DNA in humans, decret societies and the true bloodline of the alien sky gods the ancient Sumerians wrote about.
Topics of discussion in the book also include: anthropology, morphogenesis, the earth's electric generation, our ecosystem, anatomy and the Golden Ratio, evolution, the cause of evolutionary leaps, Neanderthals, the homo erectus or ergaster, the heidelburgenesis, the beginning of the modern human race, our migration out of Africa, and many other exciting topics.
DVD titles are listed below.

DVD 3: The Monarchs
Inspired by anthropology and the anthropologist Helen Shelen as well as authors, Christopher Hitchens and Zachariah Sitchen.
HIstory Channel Discovery: the place where many discoveries are found.

Neanderthals existed for 350.000 years. They managed to survive the ice age, dangerous beasts as well as many other numerous dangers of that time. However they couldn't survive the encounter with modern men. Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons met for the first time 35.000 years ago and only 5.000 years later Neanderthals have completely disappeared from existence... All of the homosapians.
Author/Teacher Howard West

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